Rithpin is Captin of the city guard of Kiris Dawn, and one of the original members of the Bronze Accord


Rithpin is a towering 9ft tall Warforged who was created when the city was first constructed. The majority of Rithpins parts have been replaced since he was resurected by very first members of the bronze accord, before the accord was even formed. To match Rithpin’s massive figure a equally large tower shield is seemingly part of his right hand, He has the ability to withdraw the shield into his arm. When the shield is in his arm his armor looks uniform, when Rithpin needs a shield his arm transforms into his massive shield. Rithpin’s hammer is strung across his back while not in use, the head of the hammer is about the size of an average dwarf. With Rithpin’s strength, he is able to wield the hammer with only one hand when he wants, or use both for added strength.


After Rithpin was returned back to service, and joined the Bronze Accord he helped to defend his city. When the city was being rebuilt and the plans came together the Kiris Brothers asked Rithpin if he would stay in the city to defend it as the Captain of the Guard. Rithpin wanted to continue his service to the city, and graciously accepted the offer. Staying within the city as the Captain of the Guard means that he can also play a major role in the Bronze Accord and both him and Glaedr hold leading roles in the city in their respective positions.


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